Calculus BC – Sue Harvey

Sue has taught AP Calculus and other mathematics courses for 27 years at Hong Kong International School.  In addition to facilitating workshops in mathematics teaching and learning that enrich the curriculum, she has served as an AP reader, and participated in a number of selective programs (NEWMAST, NEH, PCMI, Fulbright).  After earning her B.A. and M.A. at the University of Colorado, she began her teaching adventures that have taken her from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to Iceland, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and finally to Hong Kong International School, where she serves as a teaching administrator. Sue continues to stay connected to students and their development of mathematical thinking through the teaching of AP Calculus BC. This four-day AP Calculus AB and BC (Combined) workshop will provide a variety of activities and resources to help teachers gain deeper insight into the topics, scope, and goals of the AP Calculus courses, as outlined in the updated Curriculum Framework.  They will develop an awareness of the conceptual understandings and skills students need for success on the AP exam, and how to design instruction to support that success. By attending this workshop, participants will

  • Understand the AP Calculus course, its scope and sequence, along with its focus on building conceptual understanding and transferable skills. 
  • Examine the four Mathematical Practices, how they focus on developing the ability to reason, form connections, and communicate understanding,  and how they are assessed on the AP exam.
  • Gain ideas for planning the course, with attention to scaffolding skills so that students master prerequisite skills before being asked to complete more complex tasks.
  • Acquire and discuss ideas for teaching the course and assessing student progress, with specific strategies to help students practice skills and develop understanding.

Each day we will examine problems illustrating the concepts and goals of the course, with the pace and content being flexible according to participants’ needs.  All are invited to share their own successful teaching strategies and resources, and identify particular topics of interest.  Application of the four AP approved calculator functionalities will be addressed, so participants need to bring along their calculator of choice.