Environmental Science – Jack Greene

Jack has been involved with AP*environmental science from its inception, and has taught environmental science in many secondary and higher education institutions long before APES was an option. Having years of experience both as a field biologist for the U.S. Forest Service, NPS, BLM, and in the chemical industry with Dow Chemical and Thiokol Aerospace, he is well aware of the “real world” of science. Jack is an avid outdoors person as a naturalist and recreationist. Further, Jack is a political activist as he feels strongly it is necessary for a healthy democracy to have a well informed and active citizenry. Jack is currently involved in many projects related to environmental education and climate change. He is a trained presenter for Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” slide show, along with the National Park Service “Climate Friendly Parks” program, and the National Audubon Societies’ “Global Warming” program. He has assisted with launching the Utah Green Schools program and Utah No Child Left Inside initiative. Regarding pedagogy, Jack is a strong advocate of service learning, citizen science, place based learning, and getting his students involved in current environmental issues on a local level and beyond. He insists that his students base their actions and decisions on the best available science, economics, and social justice information. Jack has reviewed several environmental science texts for publishers, is an APES reader and workshop consultant. He loves presenting workshops as it allows him to connect with wonderful people (You!) and add to his ever-widening knowledge base. Email: jackisgreene@yahoo.com