Human Geography – Agenda

Day 1

  • Participant Introductions,
    • What hope to leave with at the end of the week?
  • The Week ahead- the end goals of the week
  • The 2019 FRQ in review
  • The AP Course & Exam Structure: Understanding by Design (UbD)
    • Exe: Teaching with the End in Mind
  • The Course Content & Skills
    • Exe: Eliciting Course Skills- Looking at the FRQ through the skills
  • The Big Ideas of AP Human Geography
    • Exe: categorizing the topics against the Big Ideas

Afternoon:  practical application with exercises


Day 2

  • The Big Ideas – revisit & present
  • Introduction to The Notebook- CED
  • Understanding the CED-From Big Ideas to Essential Knowledge
  • Unit Guides
    • Exe: Exploring the Course at a Glance & Unit Guides
    • Exe: Finding the “Treasure” in the Unit Guides
    • Exploration of the Topic pages for each unit
  • Discussion of Over-arching themes/ Extended Concepts through Curriculum- connectivity
    • what are they?: scale, place, diffusion, globalization, gender, spatial areas and connections, development
  • Afternoon: practical application with exercises
  • Infographic project: Connecting Skills with topic to the real world


Day 3

  • Investigating Instructional Approaches
    • Using Instructional Strategies 1: Instr.strategy x topic
    • Using Instructional Strategies II: Instr strategy x unit
  • Concepts models, theories, people….. See charts with models
  • Articles… role of articles…

Afternoon:  practical application with exercises


Day 4

  • Formative vs. Summative Assessments
    • Exe: From Formative to Summative, parts A,B,C
    • Exe: Using the AP Question Bank, parts A, B
  • The AP Classroom Platform
    • Digital Activation
    • Units & Practice Questions
    • Units & Personal Progress Checks
    • Formative Practice Questions
    • Dashboard, Personal and Class Progress & Feedback
    • AP Question Bank


Afternoon:  practical application with exercises

  • Present Infographics
  • textbooks

Resources for teaching APHGeography