Spanish- Laura Zinke

This workshop is help teachers design and develop a course in AP Spanish Language and Culture Course and Exam. The course will provide sample materials and classroom activities relating to the 2020 exam. Participants will be asked to actively participate and share best practices with the entire group on a daily basis.   Topics will include the following:
  • Developing and integrating the three modes of communication; Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational.
  • Building proficiency across modes of communication.
    • Using the new Can-Do Statements
  • Teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture across themes. What do you do in your classrooms?
  • Teaching and Developing Culture in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course. How do you transform culture and teach interculturality?
  • An AP Program; the team approach
  • Instructional Design and Management
  • Using authentic resources; suggestions, integration of modes
  • Developing vocabulary skills.
  • Engaging students in the virtual classroom; resources for success.
  • Integrating authentic literature in the AP Spanish Language and Culture course.
  • Using project-based learning a way to integrate and develop language skills.
  • Applying the scoring criteria to student samples.
  • AP Resources for teachers and students – How to integrate and use them in the classroom.
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture Course and Exam Description – Using the suggested Units.
  What participants should bring:
  • 30 copies of a new idea or activity used last year in their course. Electronic copies are encouraged.
  • A laptop computer or an IPad.