Agenda – Art and Design

Course Description: APSI – Sunday section, Art and Design

This institute for AP Studio Art and Design teachers will explore all three portfolios; 2D Art and Design, 3D Art and Design, and the Drawing Portfolio. We will develop ideas for each portfolio as well as include several studio components. Emphasis will be placed on developing strategies for both the Sustained Investigation section and the Selected Works section. There will be participant choice of focus in order to best fulfill needs of your teaching assignment, experience, and interests.  Sketchbook strategies, with approaches for the different types of required writing will be key to our work. Developing an Inquiry Question for Sustained Investigation will be an important part of our work. It is anticipated that since we will each choose specific and different ideation for the sketchbook/Sustained Investigation, a presentation ready to use with your students will be created and shared amongst all participants. A letter with more details will follow closer to our date.


Daily Plan Outline

Integrated throughout:

  • Topic 4: Resources
  • the rubrics
  • writing – requirements
  • time for questions and discussion

Day 1

Introductions and Overview, what we hope to gain from this session. Materials distributed.

Focus Topic 1 – The CED – What the CED and curriculum framework can do for you

Portfolio types defined.

Studio A: documentation and mind mapping

Focus Topic 3 – Pedagogy – Establishing Inquiry, Big Ideas and Essential Questions

The nature of Inquiry, Finding the Inquiry Question, Pursuit of the question, Keeping the focus on the Inquiry

Studio B: branching, mini project. Asking the right questions, best practices

A close look at the Drawing Portfolio with scoring rubrics


Day 2

Focus Topic 3 – Pedagogy – Writing Issues, the 3 kinds of writing that are required, nature of the prompts examined

Studio C: with writing skills and mini project

A close look at the 2D Design Portfolio with scoring rubrics

Studio D: with writing skills and mini project

Documenting 2D


Day 3

Focus Topic 2 – Inclusion/Diversity, Access/Equity, promoting your course

Studio E:

Focus Topic 3 – Pedagogy, mini project

A close look at the 3D Design Portfolio with scoring rubrics

Documenting 3D

Studio F:


Day 4

Focus Topic 5 – Aspects of Assessment and Reflection from the classroom to the Reading, the audit with a review of the curricular requirements, classroom management, and strategies for monitoring /reporting student progress

How to start the course, creating benchmarks and calendar

Photography Issues

Studio G – mini project

Topic 4 – additional resources to share, display and critique, final documentation

Evaluations, exchanges, and good-byes