Calculus AB – Eliel Gonzalez


Eliel Gonzalez served as a mathematics educator in the East Longmeadow (Massachusetts) Public Schools for over three decades, retiring from full time teaching in 2022.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Purdue University (2021 Distinguished Education Alumnus Award) as well as a Master in Education Degree from the University of Massachusetts. His primary duties included teaching AP Calculus, Honors Calculus, Pre-Calculus as well as serving as Math Counts and/or HS Math League every year of his career.  Furthermore, Eliel has served the College Board as K-12 Professional Development Project Manager in Mathematics, AP Annual Conference Steering Committee Member, and National Leader. 

As an endorsed College Board consultant, Eliel has conducted numerous AP Calculus, Pre-AP Math and SAT workshops and summer institutes in the United States and abroad, as well as trained new math consultants.  When not working in the math education field, Eliel enjoys traveling, going to beach, spending quality time with his friends, dining out, and following Purdue sports.

Course Description

In this institute, participants will experience a complete overview of the AP Calculus AB curriculum with emphasis on appropriate use of graphing calculators, content and pacing of all 8 Calculus AB Units, and global review for the AP exam.   We will also review content and pedagogy in many topics including: related rates, area/volume, differential equations/slope fields, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, implicit differentiation, and L’Hopital’s Rule.  A special focus on assessment and motivation will help participants incorporate new strategies to build a successful AP Calculus program.  We will examine changes to the AP Calc AB with emphasis on the new Course Exam Description guide as well as AP Resources.  Participants are asked to bring a graphing calculator.

Why attend an in-person APSI?  Meaningful discussions and collaborations!  Who knew determining a new way to determine the area under a curve could be so exciting to Calculus teachers?

AP Calculus test question assessing student understanding of determining the area under a curve.