Spanish – Julio Cabral

For 28 years, I worked with Standard, honor, and AP high school students; I have taught high school AP Language courses and I have a clear understanding of the requirements teachers and students must learn and master before entering an AP language course.

I have extensive training in AP concepts. Concurrently working as an AP teacher, I started attending College Board AP institutes in 2000, that training broadened in 2008 when I became a College Board Reader. As an AP Reader I was responsible for the evaluation and scoring of the Free-Response section of the AP Exam. In 2014, I became an AP College Board Consultant for the Western Regional Office, I have presented and shared my expertise with other education professionals, I train both new and experienced educators throughout the Western Regional states. In addition, I served as a member of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test Development Committee; I was one of eight dedicated educators that played a critical role in the preparation of the AP Course Description and AP Exam. As a Committee member I actively participated in face to face meetings to develop, review, and revise the AP Spanish Language and Culture Curriculum, Exams and Instructional Resources.

I have taught AP Summer Institutes at numerous one-day and four-day workshops for AP Spanish Language throughout the Southwestern and Western regions of the U.S.

I developed a rigorous and high level curriculum for all Spanish Native Speaker classes at Hueneme High School. I have served as the Department Chair of the ELD Department and I am also responsible for the creation and organization of an AVID class in Spanish, directed to ELD students. I was a member of the Leadership Team and I am working on the creation and development of a Dual Immersion Program. 

At a District level I presented training sessions for teachers on the vertical team. In addition, I have also presented sessions on reading and analytical strategies at in-service conferences to cross curriculum colleagues.

I am a confident communicator; able to deliver clear and enthusiastic presentations to diverse audiences. My passion for learning and advising others has been personally fulfilling and I look forward to growing and sharing my experiences and knowledge to impact today’s youth and fellow educators. It would be a pleasure and privilege to work with teachers at the 2023 Summer Institute.