Boise Registration

We would like AP Teachers to be registered for their subject class by May 1, 2024, in order for us to make a decision whether or not we have enough teachers to run the class. AP Teachers must work with their school districts to ensure payment is made to the Idaho APSI by May 6, 2024 or AP Teachers need to pay for the APSI by credit card or check. Teachers registering after May 5 will be accommodated, but immediate payment is required.


Tuition: $1100/$1140 (with lab)

Discounts available:

If registered by Feb 15 – $800/$840*

If registered by March 15 – $900/$940*

If registered by April 15 – $1000/$1040*

After April 15 – $1100/$1140*

*Classes with laboratory fees like Art, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Economics (2 books required) and Physics

Registration and Payment

Registration and Payment are two separate processes. 

Step One: AP Teachers register for the Idaho APSI on the College Board CVent site.  We have a link to the CVent site below.  The CVent program will ask teachers how they are paying.  CVent does not collect any money or credit card information.  It just wants to know HOW you intend to pay.


STEP #1 – Register Now with College Board


Step Two: Stop… Did you register on CVENT?  If so, there are three ways to pay for the APSI class. Teachers, school staff or administrators can pay the registration fee using a check, credit card or by requesting an invoice for a purchase order.


Three Payment Options

>Pay by CREDIT CARD: Click the Button below, select “See Classes” and select a class.  Complete the requested information.  Most important is the teacher’s name, school, and email address.

>Pay by CHECK. Indicate what class the payment is for, the teacher’s name, school, and email address. Make all checks payable to: Idaho APSI and mail to:

Marian DeWane, Idaho APSI Director
PO Box 2137
Boise, Idaho 83701


>Pay by PURCHASE ORDER: School districts paying by a purchase order need to request an Idaho APSI W9 and an invoice using our email address or call.

When requesting an invoice please include the following information:  Name of the teacher, APSI subject workshop (if known), name of the school district office or school (where the PO will be sent), address of the school, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address of the person receiving the invoice.
Once the invoice is received, make the check payable to “Idaho APSI” and send the check to:
Marian DeWane, Idaho APSI Director
PO Box 2137
Boise, Idaho 83701