Agenda – Biology

AP Biology Summer Institute Course Description:
Participants in this in-depth training will increase their knowledge of and comfort level with the AP Biology
Curriculum, including an in-depth review of the AP Biology Course and Exam Description (CED), and they will
learn how to plan their course around the CED. We will perform some of the labs from the new lab manual,
conduct some effective and inexpensive labs, perform ShoeBox Investigations (Take-Home Labs), and discuss
how to tweak labs you currently use to make them student-driven and inquiry-based. Various teaching and
learning strategies will be introduced in order for participants to fully integrate the science practices into their
daily classroom. In addition, time will be spent familiarizing ourselves with the format, sample questions, and
grading of the AP Biology exam. We will also look at the scope and sequence of the course with time being
dedicated to your own course syllabus and lesson planning.

Items Needed:
Laptop Computer and School Calendar

Download the Agenda (PDF)