Agenda – Computer Science Principles

Teaching AP Computer Science Principles

Syllabus – Chuck Powell

The Computer Science Principles course introduces participants to the foundational concepts of computer science, and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. Explore the major areas of study organized around Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, The Internet, and Global Impact. Discuss the learning objectives which will be the targets of assessment for the AP course.

Course Objectives

● Choose the curriculum and develop a syllabus for your AP CSP course.
● Teach programming using both block-based and text-based languages.
● Teach how the Internet operates, and guide students in understanding related issues of privacy and security.
● Guide students in developing and explaining algorithms.
● Guide students in developing computational solutions and analyzing program code.
● Guide students in developing, using, and explaining abstractions in numbering systems, computers and networks, and in programs.
● Guide students in analyzing, visualizing and interpreting large data sets.
● Guide students in researching, analyzing and communicating about the impacts of computing.
● Prepare students to successfully complete the Performance Task and take the AP Exam.


Day 1: Overview of Computer Science Principles Coding, Part 1

Day 2: Teaching About the Internet Coding, Part 2

Day 3: Teaching About Impacts Teaching About Data

Day 4: Planning, Instruction & Assessment Equity & Inclusion, AP Assessments