Agenda- English Language New

For AP English Language and Composition Teachers

Carol Elsen

The College Board describes the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Course as one which “engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of reasons.”

My intent for this workshop is to provide materials and models for teaching an Advanced Placement English Language and Composition class. When the workshop is completed, you should have a confident plan for designing, enriching and teaching your own AP® English Language and Composition class.

Institute Agenda:

Day 1 June 20:

  • The AP English Language and Composition Course and Examination – College Board Materials (CED)
  • Course objectives, including skills required such as rhetorical reading skills, analysis, argument and synthesis.
  • College Board Equity and Access
  • Curriculum Development: Rhetorical Reading and Passage Analysis
  • Building Units and Planning a Syllabus

Day 2 June 21:

  • Discussion of successful practices in Rhetorical Reading and Analytic Writing.
  • Extensive strategies for teaching Rhetorical Analysis.
  • AP Classroom as an excellent resource
  • Scoring the 2023 Rhetorical Analysis essays

Day 3 June 22:

  • Discussion of participants’ successful practices for teaching argument, thesis invention and support
  • Specificity -Teaching the art of using evidence to support claims
  • Scoring the 2023 Argument essays

Day 4 June 23:

  • Discussion of successful practices for teaching synthesis writing
  • Factoid Friday and Beyond: a comprehensive plan for teaching the researched argument essay.
  • Scoring the 2023 Synthesis essay
  • Multiple Choice Strategies
  • Strategies for the new Multiple Choice Composition questions.
  • Using Instructional Planning Reports
  • Wrap-up of ongoing discussions and evaluation