Agenda – French Language

French Language and Culture. Taught by François Wolman


  • To familiarize participants with the content and the different components of the AP® test: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • To share materials and strategies that will assist the participants and will help their students to succeed in the AP® test.
  • To present samples of the AP® tests and the grading system for each part, including all recent changes in the test format and its grading.
  • To provide the participants with time and opportunity for collegial interaction and exchange of successful strategies.
  • To provide the participants with ideas, techniques and strategies that will enhance their curriculum leading to the AP® level.
  • To incorporate the use of technology (French computer software) in the AP® curriculum in order to enhance the learning of all components for the AP® test.


  • Monday, Day 1
    • Introduction
      • The AP® 2024 exam – general overview
      • Components of the AP® 2024 exam
      • Provide ideas and strategies for the lower level French classes
      • Problem solving – discussion of challenges in the classroom
      • Textbooks, workbooks and supplemental materials
    • Tuesday, Day 2
      • Listening/reading and speaking
        • Listening and reading section of the AP® test
        • Strategies for teaching listening and reading (including sample materials)
        • Using literature for the reading portion of the AP® test
        • Working the speaking portion of the AP® test
        • 2024 exam (section 1 portion)
      • Wednesday, Day 3
        • Writing/grammar
          • Writing the composition 2024
          • Strategies for teaching composition development
          • Support materials
          • Test samples from these sections
          • Syllabus writing
          • 2024 exam analysis (section 2 writing portion)
        • Thursday, Day 4
          • The use of technology in the AP® curriculum
            • Ideas and projects of utilizing the internet
            • Support materials (French software)
            • Games (Trivial pursuit)
            • Movies and TV 5 (television)
            • Membership in AATF (American Association of Teachers of French)
            • Utilizing Songs and their lyrics in the AP® Curriculum
            • Present Modified Syllabus
            • Group activity
            • Wrap up


Material to bring to the APSI: 

Your syllabus (AP Audit) if you completed one.

An extra flash drive for music and videos.

Your primary textbooks (level 1, 2, 3, AP)

Your personal laptop.


Material that will be provided by presenter: 

1) AP French 2024 participants folder

2) Electronic access to publisher materials

3) Handouts (electronic)