Agenda Human Geography

Day 1 Agenda

Participant Folder

  1. Welcome
  2. Activity – Why of Where (Geoguesser, talk about importance of knowing where things are)-or map writing
  3. Intro/All About Me slideshow – participants choose a slide and fill it out about themselves to get a feel for the group’s experience and background. (eBook Access)
  4. Textbooks (who has what, where do I start) Start with your textbook and CED see where they line up.
  5. APHG In a Nutshell – (slideshow) include Big Ideas, Concepts, etc. – 1hr
  6. BREAK 10:15-10:30
  7. ESPN Strategy (article)
  8. TOPIC 1: Course and Exam Description (1hr.)
  9. Storymap:Bruised Borders (video on Israel/Palestine)
  10. LUNCH 12:00-12:30
  11. Scale of Analysis (slideshow – peardeck) – use Unit 1 to show participants how I cover the course content within that unit, scale of analysis, discuss development, gender and globalization, different way to collect data (we add into the unit) -30 min
    1. Skill #5: Scale Analysis
    2. Going through CED (reading through it and making notes of what questions you have.)
    3. How do I plan a unit
  12. BREAK 3:30-3:45
  13. FRQ Practice – Peardeck
  14. FRQ Practice – Unit 1


Day 2 Agenda (Breaks: 10:00-10:15; 3:00-3:15) Lunch at 12:00
  1. Culture – Should I stay or should I go?
  2. Annotated Map (digital, side 1 side 2))
  3. Skill #1 Concepts and Processes
  4. Frq Candy Intro Student samples 2021
  5. Activity: Frances Baby Boom (read article, social media analysis)
  6. Migration Article (Upfront Magazine)
  7. Population Pyramid Analysis
  8. Country Profile Handout – white boards
  9. Topic 2: Diversity & Inclusion/Equity and Access
  10.  AP Classroom
  11. Skill #3 – Data Analysis (Slideshow/peardeck -1hr) (ESPN Chart) FRQ Descriptors)
  12. Topic 1 Part 2: Course Planning
    1. Discuss a semester or year long course plan
    2. Breakout room to discuss how each does it? (informal)
  13. Factory Location Activity
  14. Wrap Up


Day 3 Agenda
  1. Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship
  2. AP Classroom Activity TOPIC #4 – AP Classroom (slideshow)
  3. Megacities: Digging Deeper Activity
  4. American Geographic Society – Blog
  5. Candy Culture Activity
  6.  Gerrymandering Game
    1. click on the link, start the game, create gerrymandered districts…Would this help your students understand different types of gerrymandering?
  7. Dollar Street – Bubble charts
    1. Compare development across different scales by filtering the information at the top of the screen (i.e. look at images across the world, across a region or within a country (scale of analysis) How could your students use this to learn about culture? Development?
  8. Culture Scavenger Hunt Assignment
  9. Economic Theories Slideshow
  10. Skill #2 – Spatial Relationships (slideshow)
  11.  The Age of Megacities
    1. This interactive Story map shows change over time throughout the world’s megacities.  (came out in April of 2021) What conclusions can students draw about the impact of an ever sprawling urban environment? (ESPN)
  12. Time Magazine Genocide Activity Genocide Slideshow
  13. Unpacking the MCQs slideshow
  14. Walking Through an FRQ slideshow
  15. FRQ Grading
  16. Highlight Reel – Give participants time to look through Unit 1 resource → Breakout Room to discuss
  17. Individual Time to Do Course planning – create template
  18. Fictional Family Assignment
  19. Topic 3: Strategies and Pedagogical Tools (2hrs) include links to FRQ writing – look at consultant resources
    1. How I like to teach the course (30 min) Highlight Reel here? With breakout room time to discuss.
      1. Unit plans, favorite tools, apps, etc. (FRQ Fridays, Zoom sessions, escape rooms, interactive activities, blooket, Goose Chase, etc, Culture Activity
      2. Resources I like to use, resources available (NCGE Bell Ringers, World Affairs Council, Economist, New York Times, Upfront Magazine, etc.)
      3. Participants spend time discussing their favorite tips and tricks for each unit (Jamboard) 60 min
        1. Dive back into the CED and come up with 1 lesson for each unit (Jamboards for each group – designated different parts of the unit for each group – need 7 jamboards for this)
      4. Share out
      5. Individual time to plug in activities

B. Take one unit you’d like to revamp or create an activity for (lesson plan template that includes connections to the CED) Submit on Canvas

20. LUNCH 12:30-1:30

21. Skill #4: Source Analysis (1hr)

A. Slideshow and activity

22. Task Verbs Slideshow/Peardeck (1hr)

A. Candy FRQ practice (have participants bring a piece of candy/favorite food, etc)

23. Ebooks for both textbooks  (30 min)

24. Wrap-Up/Parking Lot

Day 4 Agenda

Resources/Work Day

  1. Political Case Studies
  2. State Shapes & Ethnicity Activity
  3. Unit 4 Review
  4. UN Law of the Sea Slideshow
  5. Fan Geopolitics Website
  6. Skill #4: Source Analysis
    1. Slideshow and activity
  7. Task Verbs Slideshow/Peardeck
  8. Mr. Sinn Review site – review pack
  9. Out of Eden Walk – Paul Salopek
  10. National Geographic Maps site
  11. National Explorer Classroom
  12. Snackcrate – monthly snacks from around the world
  13. World of 7 Billion Website
  14. Earth Matters Website
  15. Population Education Handout
  16. Unfair Race
  17. The True Size Map
  18. Lettuce Grow Website – hydroponic farmstand


  1. Topic 5: Assess & Reflect
    1. Instructional Planning Report
      1. How to use it → College Board Website
      2. End of Course Evaluation we give out
      3. Feedback on projects