Agenda Physics 1

Day 1: Tuesday
AM1 Introductions / Agenda / Course Overview / CED Overview
AM2 Exam Overviews / MCQ Section / MC Discussion
PM1 Constant Velocity Cars / Lab Presentations /Acceleration Lab
PM2 Paragraph Length FRQs / Writing on the Exam

Day 2: Wednesday
AM1 Pacing / Yearlong Plan / AP Course Audit / Curricular Requirements
AM2 AP Reading / Paragraph Mock Reading / AP Classroom
PM1 Experimental Design FRQ Tasks / Bouncy Ball
FRQ Lab / Lab Reports
PM2 Coefficient of Static Friction FRQ / Online Simulations

Day 3: Thursday
AM1 Experimental Design FRQ Mock Reading / P1 Workbook
AM2 Science Practices / Equity & Access / IPRs
PM1 Inquiry Procedure / Fc Lab & Flying Pigs
PM2 AP Classroom Progress Dashboard / QQT FRQs

Day 4: Friday
AM1 TIPERs / Instructional Strategies
AM2 AP Lab Manuals / Flipping Resources
PM1 Best Practice Share-Out