Agenda – Spanish

Course Description: In this course we will study all parts of the AP Spanish Language & Culture exam, how it is graded during the AP Reading process, and how to prepare students to succeed. We will examine ACTFL standards and the correlation with the skills and tasks students have to be able to do in AP Spanish . Additionally, we explore all the resources available to teachers and students in AP Central and AP Classroom. We will also collaborate on other authentic resources that we can implement in our curriculum to facilitate the learning and acquisition of the necessary interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills.

Course Objectives: The main objective of this course i s to facilitate learning and acquisition of the necessary tools to develop a course for AP Spanish Language and Culture and its exam. During this summer institute, participants will acquire and develop resources and classroom strategies to build a curriculum using authentic materials and following the thematic units recommended by the College Board.
Course Expectations: Daily attendance and participation i n a variety of individual and collaborative learning activities.

Prior to our Workshop: You will receive the Course and Exam Description Handbook, which includes the course framework, instructional section, and sample exam questions. In this handbook you will find detailed information about the units of study for all the required themes, achievement level descriptors, instructional approaches, and exam information. It would be beneficial for teachers who are new to the AP program to review the course framework.

Download the full agenda (PDF)