Agenda – Statistics

AP Statistics Course Description

The workshop will cover the traditional summer institute topics necessary to set up and start a successful AP Statistics course.  This will include how to recruit students and where the AP Statistics course fits into your school’s mathematics sequence. Textbook selection, grading and preparing students for the AP Exam will also be covered.  The workshop will be different in that it will look at teaching AP Statistics using simulation based on the computer/graphing calculator as a tool to explore and discover Statistics.

The four main topics of the AP Statistics syllabus – Data Analysis, Producing Data, Probability and Inferential Statistics will be introduced with an exploration/hands-on approach based on simulation, which will motivate students as well as teachers.  The morning sessions will be devoted to the academic content of the AP syllabus, with the afternoon sessions stressing hands-on activities and explorations emphasizing computer/graphing calculator technology, computer software packages will include Fathom, as well as extensive use of the TI-84 graphing calculator.

This workshop will provide the first year AP teacher with all the materials necessary to successfully start an AP Statistics class, as well as offer the experienced AP teacher different and innovative approaches to presenting the traditional statistics topics using the latest computer and graphing calculator technology.  All participants will receive copies of a variety of different AP Statistics textbooks.  Participants are asked to bring their favorite textbook and a couple of their favorite projects/activities to share.

APSI Schedule


  • General Introduction/Basic Information
  • Overview of AP Statistics
  • “Is what you see, what you expect?”
  • Modeling Expected Values, Probabilities and Distributions
  • Using Simulation
  • Probability – Study of Randomness
  • Basic Laws of Probability


  • Data Analysis – One Variable
  • Data Analysis – Two Variables
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Producing Data
  • Sampling Design


  • Producing Data (cont)
  • Experimental Design
  • Probability – Study of Randomness (cont)
  • Random Variables/Probability Distributions
  • Sampling Distributions


  • Inferential Statistics
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Significance Tests/Hypotheses Tests
  • Chi-Square Tests
  • Preparing for the AP Exam – Testing/Assessment


Morning Sessions will stress the academic content of the material listed for that day.

Afternoon sessions will involve hands-on activities and explorations. These activities will involve simulations, demonstrations and use of Fathom computer software package and TI graphing calculators.