Agenda – US Government

Day One

8:00-11:00            We will get an overview of the redesigned AP US Government and Politics course,                                including an examination of the disciplinary practices and reasoning skills necessary for                                student success. College Board’s Equity and Access policy

11:00-12:00         Lunch

12:00-1:45          We will focus on the curriculum framework, and the required documents. We will                                                        discuss AP audit syllabus construction and adoption.

1:45-2:00              Break

2:00-4:00              Sample introductory lesson plans


Day Two

8:00-10:00            We will focus on planning your course and look at instructional approaches including                                                    textbook and scheduling considerations.

10:00-11:00         Sample lesson plans for Unit 1

11:00-12:00         Lunch

12:00-1:45            We will discuss strategies for helping students read and understand required documents                                    and analyze and interpret qualitative visuals.

1:45-2:00              Break

2:00-2:30              The National Constitution Center and AP Classroom

2:30-4:00              Sample lesson plans for Unit 2



Day Three

8:00-10:00            We will learn how to help students analyze and interpret the required Supreme Court                                cases and how to write the SCOTUS comparison FRQ

10:00-11:00         Sample lesson plans for Unit 3

11-00-12:00         Lunch

12:00-1:45            We will examine classroom simulations and activities and discuss the required political                                    science research or applied civics project.

1:45-2:00              Break

2:00-4:00              Templates for writing different FRQ types and things to consider when writing                                   multiple-choice questions.

Sample lesson plans for Unit 4


Day Four

8:00-10:30            Lessons will focus on writing an argument essay like a political scientist

Sample lesson plans for Unit 5

10:30-11:00         Sample lessons for Review Activities Part I

11:00-12:00         Lunch

12:00-12:30         Sample lessons for Review Activities Part II

12:300-1:00         Debriefing and Farewell