Calculus BC – Agenda

During this AP Calculus BC Summer Institute, participants will explore the concepts and applications of the topics in AP Calculus BC from the Course and Exam Description (CED) that are beyond the AB course.

Participants are encouraged to bring a graphing calculator and also might want to bring a laptop computer.  Technology will be used to discover concepts, enhance instruction, and to solve problems.

This exploration will include modeling instructional approaches, using multiple representations (analytical, graphical, numerical, verbal), and communicating through appropriate presentations and justifications of solutions.

Additionally, participants will:

  • Complete and discuss both Multiple-choice and Free-response questions
  • Practice AP Scoring and Discuss Important Elements of a Complete Solution

Throughout this workshop, participants will:

  • Discuss each section of the Course and Exam Description (CED).
  • Outline the instructional plan by Unit and Topic in an academic calendar.
  • Discuss examples of how AP Classroom can be utilized to develop each practice/skill.
  • Practice interpreting data within the Instructional Planning Report to identify student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify and explain various instructional strategies and tools that teachers can incorporate in their lesson plans to teach the content and skills.


Day #1


Workshop Materials

Access and Equity

Overview of the AP Calculus BC course

Integration Methods

Differential Equations – Logistic Model; Euler’s Method

Length of Curve


Day #2

Sequences and Series

Power Series

Start Tests of Convergence (if time permits)


Day #3

Tests of Convergence

Intervals of Convergence

Error Bounds

Parametric Equations / Vector Functions


Day #4

Polar Functions

Wrap-up loose ends from the week (concepts, problems, teaching strategies, …)

AP Reading

Sharing of ideas, concerns, resources, etc…

Conclusion of AP Institute