Physics C – Agenda

AP Physics C Summer Institute

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4


Introduction – Course and Exam Description

Video Analysis 

Projectile Motion


COM & Momentum Magnetism 

Charged particles in magnetic fields & Magnetism due to wires

Overview of the course 

Exam structure / TOI and equations

Lab component

Torque and Rotational Motion Drag and Differential Equations Equity & Access 

Growing the program

MC Samples, scoring, and strategies Formative and summative assessments 

Philosophy & Practices

DC Circuits: Kirchhoff’s Rules & Concept Inventories Biot-Savart, Ampere’s Law, and line integrals 

Lenz & Faraday

Introduction to calculus and its applications to kinematics and dynamics AP Classroom Electric field derivations & Surface integrals Inductors in circuits
Introduction to Audit/Syllabus/Pacing Guides (Follow-up throughout the APSI) Energy & Gravity TIPERS SHM II 

More Differential Equations

FR Mechanics scoring with rubrics 




Capacitors Magnetism labs and demos
Teaching strategies Graphical analysis: 

Linearization, etc.

RC Circuits 

Work on/scoring electricity MC/FR Questions

Work on/scoring magnetism MC/FR Questions 


Mechanics labs and demos Mechanics labs and demos Electricity labs and demos Administration end matters