Physics 1 – Patrick Diehl

Patrick Diehl has taught AP Physics B, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics C Mechanics & Electricity/Magnetism at Ashley Hall School (9 years) in Charleston, SC, Hong Kong International School (10 years), and United World College in Thailand (2 years). He has taught AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C Mechanics & Electricity/Magnetism for the last four years at Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel. Before his secondary school science career, he was a researcher in Solid State Science, conducting materials research mainly using High-Resolution Electron Microscopy. In addition to teaching AP Physics, he has had a strong interest and background in incorporating Physics Education Research (specifically using Modeling Physics). He has also been a Reader of the AP Physics exams (since 2011) and an AP Physics Consultant for the College Board (since 2014).