Statistics – Juan Gomez

Ever interested in how high school students learn, Juan Gómez has worked in high school classrooms for the past 23 years in a variety of roles.  Juan has worked as his school’s athletic director and dean of students before transitioning to Math Instructional Coach, and now a math and statistics consultant.  Working as part of a team is always an exciting time and Juan has been fortunate to be included in many high impact teams. From working with the incredible people at, the fabulous team at Desmos Studio and Desmos Classroom, and the wonderful folks at OpenIntro, Juan has learned the value of teamwork to impact student learning.  Currently Juan is working with the team at Stats Medic among others to help all students learn statistics.

In his free time Juan enjoys serving as the mentor of his high school’s trail running club, helps coach softball for his daughter’s team, and is secretly glad he is only responsible for bringing snacks to his son’s soccer games.  When time and weather conditions permit, Juan enjoys surfing, as long as he doesn’t have to paddle too far out to catch a wave.

One of the best professional development activities he has ever completed, Juan currently serves as an AP Statistics Reader and highly recommends the experience to any AP Statistics teacher.  There is nothing else like it!

Why attend an in-person APSI? Meaningful discussions and collaborations! Opportunities to do hands-on activities and laboratory experiments.

Discussing and modeling active learning during a lesson on confidence intervals, helps AP Statistics teachers prepare their students to do well on AP Statistics Test questions assessing understanding of confidence intervals.
AP Statistics Test question assessing understanding of confidence intervals