Agenda – Human Geography

AP Human Geography, Summer Institute

Julie Wakefield

Course Description

The week is designed to help introduce new teachers to the Course and Exam Description and provide structure, plans, and strategies for teaching the course. The session will thoroughly go through the CED and introduce teachers to AP Classroom. Each unit will be examined in detail with the intention of helping teachers learn the content and ideas for teaching the topics. Participants will look at past exam examples and work in detail on how to develop writing skills to be successful on APHG FRQs. There will be time spent planning, creating the syllabus, modeling lessons/ideas, and sharing resources. A thorough introduction and explanation of the geographic skills and their application to the course will be part of the workshop.

A laptop, if possible, along with access (electronically or hard copy) of the textbook that will be used will be helpful and utilized throughout the week. Additionally, be prepared to share, research and collaborate on creating lessons.



– understand the purpose of the CED in guiding the teaching of the course

– identify skills and concepts necessary for teaching AP Human Geography

– instructing students to think geographically, spatially, and conceptually across the curriculum

– identify, understand, and apply the broad themes that link the course



– laptop for activities, note-taking, research, etc.

– student text that will be used in class

– school calendar for 2024 – 2025 school year

– if you have taught the course, please bring your best/favorite lesson to share!



– AP Human Geography program, the history and the course expectations

– CED and syllabi, AP Classroom

– Broad themes and overarching topics that weave throughout the course

– Thinking geographically, spatially, and conceptually – the Skills

– Exam strategies and FRQ development

– Possible field study

– Using existing curriculum from outside sources to support the APHG course

– getting involved in the APHG community