Psychology – Hollie Kelly

Hollie Kelly has been teaching AP Psychology since 2007 and has been a teacher at Overland High School in the Cherry Creek School District for over 20 years. She has participated in the AP Psychology annual reading since 2015 serving as a Reader.

Early in 2018, Hollie served as a consultant for the 2019 College Board AP Psychology course and exam description guide.  In 2019-20, Hollie contributed to the revision of several teaching texts which reflect the changes recently made by the College Board. 

In her spare time, Hollie enjoys the beautiful Colorado weather and scenery with her two very spoiled, well-behaved golden retrievers, beautiful family and forever friends. 


Why attend an in-person APSI?  AP Teachers derive great benefit from the in-person APSI experience because they can more readily interact with colleagues and have the opportunity to better understand student experiences.  For example, in-person simulations and research experiences, collaborating and reflecting with colleagues, support participants developing insights about how their students might respond to such experiences.  In-person APSIs also provide broader pedagogical experiences, more reflective of the classroom setting.

In the images below, AP Psychology teachers collaborate designing an active learning lesson on actor-observer bias, operant effects, and efficacy judgements.

Sample AP Psychology Test Question


Course Description

 The four-day institute is structured to guide new and experienced teachers of AP Psychology through the course and exam description guide.  Participants will be exposed early on to the format of the exam.  Both multiple-choice and free-response questions will be explored and strategies on how best to teach the two formats will be explained.  A backwards planning approach will be presented to help with how best to allocate time for every unit and how much review time one should set aside for the national exam.  Pedagogy will be used to assist participants with gaining a better understanding of how the content and skills can be taught and reinforced.  By the end of the institute participants will leave with having a calendar of how the year can be accomplished and a toolbox full of resources to help them and their students find success in such an engaging AP course. *The course will include the revisions made for the 2024-25 school year!